Bài hát Жил отважный капитан - Đã từng sống một thuyền trưởng gan dạ


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Quản lý chung
Lời dịch tiếng Anh bài hát:
Once there lived a captain brave,
And he crossed the ocean wave,
And he called on many lands
On his way

Fifteen times he tried to sink,
Sharks could catch him on the brink,
But he never, really never gave a wink!

And in trouble, and in war
Always sang the captain brave on sea and shore:

Captain brave, captain brave,
Give a smile, sir.
For a smile is like a flag of a ship.
Captain brave, captain brave,
Cheer up, sir,
For the sea surrenders only to the quick!

Such lovely things to hear and see

Such lovely things to hear and see
Belong to you, belong to me!
The sun, the trees, the grass, the sky,
The silver moon, that's sailing by.

Soft whispering winds, the birds, that sing,
Bright autumn leaves, gay flowers of spring,
The rain and dew, and snow flakes white,
The sparkling waves, the stars of night!

Doch dann sah der Kapitän mal ein Mädchen hold und schön,
fern der Heimat war's um ihn jetzt geschehn.
Fünfzehnmal ward er ganz rot,
kam ins Stottern, welche Not!
Aber wagte nicht zu lächeln, sapperlot!

Speis und Trank er nur mied, und kein Freund sang hilfreich ihm sein stolzes Lied:

Kapitän, Kapitän, lächle weiter,
denn das Lächeln hilft bestimmt, bitte sehr.
Kapitän, Kapitän, bleibe heiter,
nur dem Mutigen gehört das weite Meer!

Капитан! Капитан, улыбнитесь!
Ведь улыбка - это флаг корабля!
Капитан! Капитан, подтянитесь!
Только смелым покоряются моря!


Quản lý chung
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